Fuente proteica, Fuente de antioxidantes, Mejora la absorción de nutrientes, 100% Vegetal, Contiene prebióticos y probióticos

Sin azúcar, Sin lactosa, Sin soya, Libre de colesterol, Sin antibióticos, sin toxinas, sin hormonas

Source of protein Source of antioxidants Improves nutrient absorption 100% Plant-based Contains prebiotics & probiotics

Sugar-free Lactose-free Soy-free Cholesterol-free No antibiotics, no toxins, no hormones



Foodture provides antioxidant properties, as well as de-stressing and digestive balancers.



Delicious GMO-free food, without animal products, gluten, not even lactose.



It is made with the highest protein-content and absorption ingredients chosen by nutritionists.



Animal agriculture is the leading contributor to climate change, if you adopt a plant-based diet you would decrease that impact.

We choose dairy products, because they are the first option people are willing to consume when they look for a plant-based diet.

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Foodture is a line of daily products with as much protein as we need and it is only made with plants. We consider the way we feed ourselves implies a powerful impact on the future: not only in our health, but also in the environment. We are aware that its efficient use could reduce the hunger of the people in need.

We are a group of young people outraged at the underuse of the great biodiversity of our planet, so we take this as our mission. As we are passionate about the potential of plants, we started Foodture. Linda Obregón is an Industrial Engineer with a diploma in Entrepreneurship from MIT and scholarships in Strategy and Innovation. Ariadna Elías is a Food Technologist and Nutritionist experienced in formulations at Givaudan International. Álvaro Sánchez is an Industrial Engineer with more than 5 years of experience in Project Management. Do you remember those nerdies at school? They were.


We know protein is essential for our health; however, the way we produce and consume such protein is devastating our lands, destroying our water resources, polluting our atmosphere and damaging our health.

By 2050, a population of 9 billion is expected. Now how could we feed them in an affordable, healthy and sustainable way? Hey, keep calm, plants have protein. We decided to reformulate our daily food for a sustainable future, keeping its protein content and it is plant-based.


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